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Survival Through Education Cellphone Rentals

Survival Through Education is dedicated to the propagation of the Jewish people, and when you rent a phone from TravelCell, you help us with our holy work.

TravelCell, a premier travel communications provider, offers cellular, data, and satellite devices to people traveling worldwide. And with Survival Through Educations promotion code - STE14 - you''ll get half off your daily rental fee on any Israel Pay as You Go, Global, or TravelCell 1 rental!

You won''t only save money - you''ll be helping the cause, too. For more information, just click on the link, or call TravelCell directly at 1-877-235-5746 - and don''t forget Survival Through Education!


The TravelCell Advantage

Phone number provided prior to departure
Discount rates and excellent service
Clear, itemized bill
Satellite or Cellular Phones
Latest model phones
Cellphone rentals available for over 150 countries

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