Benefits of Renting Satellite Phone

TravelCell offers travelers the ability to rent a Satellite Cell Phones
Motorola 9505 by Iridium to be used across the globe. Along with the powerful handset, TravelCell provides a complete accessory pack that includes an easy-to-read and easy-to-carry instruction booklet, portable charger, an in-vehicle charger as well as travel adapters for foreign outlets. Customers can rely upon TravelCell’s dedicated Satellite Cell Phone Customer Support team to address any technical or support questions you may have while traveling.

Satellite Cell Phones

Daily rental rates start as low as $8.99 per day. Incoming calls are free and outgoing calls are just $1.99. Calls to other Iridium satellite phones are only $2.49 and a special rate for connecting to other satellite phones is a low $13.50. Incoming SMS is free of charge and outgoing SMS is only .99 cents!
There are always some limitations to the use of satellite phones. Since satellite phones operate directly with overhead satellites, users will find the best results by operating their device outside where there are no obstructions to weaken the signal. Also, international restrictions put in place by the US State Department have rendered use of satellite phones in Hungary, Poland, North Korea, and North Sri Lanka impossible. Additionally, fast moving vehicles and aboard ships at sea pose some difficulty in operating the satellite phone due to the quick change in direction and the signal’s inability to maintain connection with the satellite. Other than the standard restrictions, you can use a satellite phone from TravelCell all over the world – even the North and South Poles!

Travel with the security and flexibility of a powerful Motorola 9505 Satellite Cell Phone
by Iridium from TravelCell: Your safety and convenience at an affordable price.

Start your planning today by speaking to one of our courteous representatives by calling (877) CELL-PHONE. You can reach us via email at or visit our website at

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