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Satellite Cell Phones

Browse the world with truly reliable Global, Satellite Cell Phone

Satellite Cell Phones

TravelCell offers travelers the ability to rent a Satellite Cell Phones, Motorola 9505 by Iridium to be used across the globe including the North and South poles and the oceans.

Along with the powerful Satellite Cell Phone, TravelCell provides a complete accessory pack that includes an easy-to-read and easy-to-carry instruction booklet, portable charger, an in-vehicle charger as well as travel adapters for foreign outlets.

Customers can rely upon TravelCell's dedicated Satellite Cell Phone Customer Support team to address any technical or support questions you may have while traveling.

Your safety and convenience at an affordable price.

Satellite Cell Phones rental & calling rates

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Satellite Cell Phones Rental Help

How do I place & receive phone calls? For someone to call you, it is just like making an international call. They will dial the international access code (i.e., 011 from the U.S.) and then your Iridium number, which is a twelve-digit number, beginning with 8816. The caller will be charged the international long distance rate set by their phone company - the TravelCell Iridium customer will pay nothing for the callFor you to make a call from your Iridium phone, you simply press and hold "0" until a + sign is displayed. Then you dial the country code and the number. Even if you are making a local call, or domestic long distance call, you still need to dial as if you were making an international call.
What accessories are available for satellite phone? The satellite phone comes with a standard battery (2 hours of talk time/24 hours of standby), auto adapter, AC Charger with International Plug Kit, and leather carry case.
Will the Iridium handset work inside buildings? In order for the handset to work, you will need "line of sight" access to the network, so in-building voice coverage is typically not available. If the phone is turned off or unavailable, callers can leave a voice mail message, which will be received when the unit is turned on or when coverage becomes available.
Are incoming call charged? TravelCell does NOT charge for any incoming call to your satellite phone. However the persons calling you will be charged by their long distance carrier an extra fee for calling a satellite phone. We advise our customers to have persons contacting you call their long distance carrier for rates to call Iridium satellite phones.
Whom do I call for assistance when I am traveling and have questions or problems with my Iridium equipment? You can call Satellite Customer Support. Dial from the satellite phone 6260 This is a FREE call.