Group and Corporate Phone Rental

Traveling overseas can come with the added expense of international data rates for your cell phones and other devices. TravelCell is dedicated to offering secure, reliable, and affordable options for today’s world traveler. Included in that promise of providing top-notch and affordable service are options for groups or corporate travelers who need reliable and inexpensive cell phone and data needs for international travel.

Travelers can register their group or company with TravelCell to begin to reap the benefits of the global leader in data and cell phone rental. Registering with TraveCell means gaining access to a wealth of options to suit a variety of international travel needs.

Features include free first cell phone rentals and as much as 15% off rental and call fees. Corporate renters can receive rates that are even lower than the already low standard rates for individual renters.
Once your company has registered, any individual in the company is eligible to receive preferred rental and data rates for either business or personal travel dates. Corporate renters are also afforded free accessories to be used with any of the devices you rent from TravelCell.

Your business is built upon sound investing and smart uses of resources. Renting through TravelCell is the smartest and most prudent way to ensure that the international, global rental rates and equipment you need for global travel are as low and as reliable as possible.

Register today and take advantage of the savings and convenience TravelCell can provide for your next phone rental

For more information or speak with a TravelCell representative call 877-cell-phone (877-235-5746) or email or visit

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