BlackBerry and Data SIM Card Rental

One of the most frustrating parts of planning an international vacation is the cost and trouble associated with using your cell phone abroad. Now, with tablets and other devices that take an international SIM card, traveling to Europe means having to fork over big bucks to enable your various devices to work in the UK and elsewhere. Instead of paying the expensive fees for international service or being without the full use of your phones and devices in overseas, you can rent a SIM card for your BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, or other Android device from TravelCell.

With an international SIM card from TravelCell, you can be free to use all of the devices and cell phones you use every day in the United States whenever you’re on vacation or taking a business trip to Europe or other international destinations. You can use an international SIM card from TravelCell with any smart phone devices including iPhone or Android phones without having to pay expensive international rates.

An international SIM card from TravelCell means leaving your worries behind. Insert an international SIM card and browse the Internet as usual. You can use your devices for all of the features you need while traveling abroad. Sending photos and videos, chatting and updating your social media status, connecting with friends and family to update them on how your trip is going. Stay connected and save money in the process with TravelCell!

For an even better means of staying connected you can choose a toll-free US based area code for your SIM to allow those in the US to connect with you while you’re away.

Each SIM card is unlimited and easy to rent and install. Choose TravelCell and never again be at the mercy of expensive international rates. Use your iOS, BlackBerry, and Android devices worldwide by renting an unlimited global SIM card from TravelCell.

For more information or speak with a TravelCell representative call 877-cell-phone (877-235-5746) or email or visit our website

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