Why Rent an international iPhone

The Apple iPhone is one of the most powerful smartphones on the market. Consumer Reports has rated the power and usability of the iPhone as the premier smartphone choice on the market and one of the most useful devices ever made. Travelers to the UK and around the world have previously been stuck having to purchase disposable mobile phones to use when they are abroad and therefore left to use a cell phone that lacks the functionality and capability of the leading smartphone on the market. Well, no more.

Now you can rent iPhone, a powerful and lightweight global cell phone from TraveCell to use during your trips around the globe. TravelCell offers a variety of options for international travelers and renting an iPhone from TravelCell delivers on making travel and access to powerful mobile computing a reality for anyone planning a trip overseas.

The plan is simple: Rent a stylish and powerful iPhone for as low as $13 per day and pay nothing for incoming calls and SMS. Outgoing calls are charged at a low rate of just 39 cents with outgoing SMS at just 29 cents. This way you can stay connected to local friends or relatives and call for information or reservations wherever your travels take you. You will also save calling back to the United States while you’re away.

You can also access the Apple App Store and choose from nearly 900,000 applications that you can use while you’re visiting the world.

If you are planning a trip abroad and would rather not be hampered by a bulky cell phone that lacks the form and function of an iPhone, choose TravelCell and rent the best smartphone on the market at rates that will save you money. Travel the way you want. Rent an iPhone from TravelCell for your next vacation or trip.

Rent International iPhone

For more information or speak with a TravelCell representative call 877-cell-phone (877-235-5746) or email sales@travelcell.com or visit our website http://www.travelcell.com

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