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Rent a Phone While in Europe – The Way to Stay Connected with your family

It’s hard to find people who don’t use cell phones these days. We depend on cell phones to stay in touch with family and friends, make plans and get help in case of emergencies. While traveling to Europe, it is not only convenient, but also safe to have an international cell phone. Whether you want to visit Europe for studying, spending the vacation or business purposes, using international cell phone rental service can be more beneficial for you.  If you rent a phone while in Europe, you can stay connected with your beloved ones, carry out business tasks and confirm hotel and travel reservations conveniently and inexpensively.

Why Renting a Phone for traveling to Europe is the best option?

  • If you rent a phone while in Europe from a trustworthy rental service provider, you can make and receive phone calls, no matter where your travel takes you. Your family and friends will remain assured that they can reach you at any point in time.
  • Renting a phone is advantageous, especially if you need to visit more than one country in Europe. You can get free incoming calls when in Europe and the outgoing call rates are often less than a dollar. You can make use of the free incoming calls by asking your friends, family and co-workers to call you back when possible. Recently, a holiday maker was hit with £20,000 phone bill, after using the internet in Turkey for putting the holiday photos on Facebook. Daily phone rental service for Europe costs $1.99 per day only.
  • You can buy budget prepaid mobile phones in most of the European countries. You can even buy pay as you go phones from retailers, mobile stores and supermarkets. However, budget phones do not provide you with the features offered by modern Smartphones. If you decide to rent a phone while in Europe, you can get access to all the features of a latest phone at affordable rates. You can also save money on international roaming calls. However, if you plan to stay in Europe for more than 3 months, it is advisable to buy a prepaid handset.
  • Renting a phone while in Europe is a hassle free process. You just need to fill an online form, providing the details like destination, number of devices you want, date of departure and return, accessories you need and your contact address. If you have any doubts, you can contact the customer support representative of the rental service providing company before placing your order and get them clarified. makes international phone renting easy and affordable. You can get 10% discount on international cell phone rentals by using a discount code FALL13, while placing your order. This offer expires on November 30, 2013.

Group and Corporate Phone Rental

Traveling overseas can come with the added expense of international data rates for your cell phones and other devices. TravelCell is dedicated to offering secure, reliable, and affordable options for today’s world traveler. Included in that promise of providing top-notch and affordable service are options for groups or corporate travelers who need reliable and inexpensive cell phone and data needs for international travel.

Travelers can register their group or company with TravelCell to begin to reap the benefits of the global leader in data and cell phone rental. Registering with TraveCell means gaining access to a wealth of options to suit a variety of international travel needs.

Features include free first cell phone rentals and as much as 15% off rental and call fees. Corporate renters can receive rates that are even lower than the already low standard rates for individual renters.
Once your company has registered, any individual in the company is eligible to receive preferred rental and data rates for either business or personal travel dates. Corporate renters are also afforded free accessories to be used with any of the devices you rent from TravelCell.

Your business is built upon sound investing and smart uses of resources. Renting through TravelCell is the smartest and most prudent way to ensure that the international, global rental rates and equipment you need for global travel are as low and as reliable as possible.

Register today and take advantage of the savings and convenience TravelCell can provide for your next phone rental

For more information or speak with a TravelCell representative call 877-cell-phone (877-235-5746) or email or visit

Why Rent International Phone

You have decided to take a trip abroad and your itinerary includes several different destination countries. Among the first steps you will need to take is to ensure your mobile phone will operate in each country you intend to visit. You can call your US based cell phone carrier and find out what their rates will be to accommodate your trip and when you do, you will find that the standard carrier rates for international trips to multiple countries is an expensive endeavor.

Instead of remaining at the mercy of the restrictive and expensive cell phone carriers, rent International Cell Phone for travel through TravelCell. TravelCell offers a wide range of options for cell phones for travelers that plan to visit different countries around the world. Whereas US based cell phone carriers have the leverage to charge expensive fees for usage overseas, TravelCell is designed to provide travelers with a reliable and inexpensive alternative to standard cell phone carriers.

Renting an international cell phone through TravelCell means keeping the convenience and security of a cell phone without the expensive fees usually associated with traveling to multiple countries. Renters can choose among the most capable cell phones on the market so that you can be sure to have all of the functionality of your mobile phone while you’re away.

Plan your trip and consult with the friendly experts at TravelCell so that your device is ready for pick-up in plenty of time before you leave.

Don’t settle for the expensive international rates of US based cell phone carriers. Rent your global phone from TravelCell and travel in comfort and ease while you save money.

For more information or speak with a TravelCell representative call 877-cell-phone (877-235-5746) or email or visit our website

Why Rent International Air Card or MiFi

Traveling around the world can often mean having to find a way to connect your various personal computing devices with expensive international data rates. If you have a personal computer, a cell phone with Internet capability, and a tablet, you would normally have to arrange international data plans for each individual device. When traveling with friends, coworkers, or family, their devices will need to be covered for international data as well. The total package could end up costing you a fortune in data fees.

A global MiFi device from Travelcell will allow you to connect up to five devices at once, enabling each cell phone, tablet, or laptop to connect to the Internet through one international data plan. A global MiFi is a wireless hotspot. The device itself is compact and portable at only 3 inches wide. Whether you are in a hotel or café, simply turn on your international MiFi hotspot and connect to the Internet in an instant.

Each device is able to be programmed to require a password so that only those with devices that you intend to connect will be able to. You will also be able to charge your MiFi hotspot from TravelCell or plug it into an outlet while you use it.

The convenience of a global MiFi hotspot is only half of the benefit; the cost savings are also valuable. At just $12.99 for daily rental or $79.99 per week, an international MiFi is an affordable way to keep everyone connected while you travel internationally. You can choose the data package you will need with data usage packages starting as low as $28. If you need more data during your travels you can choose a data plan that fits without having to pay for data you won’t need.

Users who rent a global MiFi hotspot from TravelCell can customize their data plans to fit their itinerary and amount of data required; all for an affordable rate. Keep all of your devices connected to one global MiFi hotspot from TravelCell.

For more information or speak with a TravelCell representative call 877-cell-phone (877-235-5746) or email or visit our website

Why Rent an international iPhone

The Apple iPhone is one of the most powerful smartphones on the market. Consumer Reports has rated the power and usability of the iPhone as the premier smartphone choice on the market and one of the most useful devices ever made. Travelers to the UK and around the world have previously been stuck having to purchase disposable mobile phones to use when they are abroad and therefore left to use a cell phone that lacks the functionality and capability of the leading smartphone on the market. Well, no more.

Now you can rent iPhone, a powerful and lightweight global cell phone from TraveCell to use during your trips around the globe. TravelCell offers a variety of options for international travelers and renting an iPhone from TravelCell delivers on making travel and access to powerful mobile computing a reality for anyone planning a trip overseas.

The plan is simple: Rent a stylish and powerful iPhone for as low as $13 per day and pay nothing for incoming calls and SMS. Outgoing calls are charged at a low rate of just 39 cents with outgoing SMS at just 29 cents. This way you can stay connected to local friends or relatives and call for information or reservations wherever your travels take you. You will also save calling back to the United States while you’re away.

You can also access the Apple App Store and choose from nearly 900,000 applications that you can use while you’re visiting the world.

If you are planning a trip abroad and would rather not be hampered by a bulky cell phone that lacks the form and function of an iPhone, choose TravelCell and rent the best smartphone on the market at rates that will save you money. Travel the way you want. Rent an iPhone from TravelCell for your next vacation or trip.

Rent International iPhone

For more information or speak with a TravelCell representative call 877-cell-phone (877-235-5746) or email or visit our website

Why Rent a phone for Israel

Travelers to Israel can be made to pay expensive fees for cell phone service through the standard carrier rates. Instead, rent from TravelCell and save with one of our many options designed to give you the most control over your travel habits and cell phone needs.

Using a cell phone through a US based cell phone carrier is the most expensive option for anyone traveling to Israel. Calls and data can reach a level that rivals any other expense of travel. With an Israel Cell Phone rented from TravelCell, you can choose what type of phone you will need and customize your package to take advantage of the specific ways you plan to visit Israel.

For travelers who plan to visit Israel once or a traveler who travels to Israel frequently, TravelCell has an option that will fit your needs and budget. Whether you plan to use your cell phone a lot or a little, there is a package made just for you. Israel Phone Rental option from TravelCell gives you complete selection of mobile devices.

Travelers can choose among wide variety of mobile devices including iPhones, BlackBerry, iPads, or MiFi hotspots. Daily rentals and weekly rentals are available with daily rentals for Israel cell phones starting as low as $10 per day. The data packages are also affordable and easy to tailor. Choose a budget plan for light usage and only pay .69 cents per day. The Budget Plan offers free incoming calls and SMS.
Renters who choose the Light User Plan can rent for only $19.99 per week. The weekly rental includes free incoming calls and SMS and 100 free outgoing minutes.

Medium User Plans offer more data and calling for a low $44.99 per week rental charge. 250 free outgoing minutes and free incoming SMS and calls are part of the Medium User Plan that will save travelers to Israel money.

The Unlimited Israel Cell Phone rental Plans start as low as $5.99 per day and provide unlimited SMS and calls without any additional charge. Travelers to Israel who choose one of the Unlimited Plans will also be secured with Insurance through TravelCell.

Don’t toil through the list of options from the US based cell phone carriers – each choice more expensive than the last. Choose TravelCell for your Israel cell phone rental and data needs and save while you travel.

For more information or speak with a TravelCell representative call 877-cell-phone (877-235-5746) or email or visit our website