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Category: International MiFi Rental

Why Rent International Air Card or MiFi

Traveling around the world can often mean having to find a way to connect your various personal computing devices with expensive international data rates. If you have a personal computer, a cell phone with Internet capability, and a tablet, you would normally have to arrange international data plans for each individual device. When traveling with friends, coworkers, or family, their devices will need to be covered for international data as well. The total package could end up costing you a fortune in data fees.

A global MiFi device from Travelcell will allow you to connect up to five devices at once, enabling each cell phone, tablet, or laptop to connect to the Internet through one international data plan. A global MiFi is a wireless hotspot. The device itself is compact and portable at only 3 inches wide. Whether you are in a hotel or café, simply turn on your international MiFi hotspot and connect to the Internet in an instant.

Each device is able to be programmed to require a password so that only those with devices that you intend to connect will be able to. You will also be able to charge your MiFi hotspot from TravelCell or plug it into an outlet while you use it.

The convenience of a global MiFi hotspot is only half of the benefit; the cost savings are also valuable. At just $12.99 for daily rental or $79.99 per week, an international MiFi is an affordable way to keep everyone connected while you travel internationally. You can choose the data package you will need with data usage packages starting as low as $28. If you need more data during your travels you can choose a data plan that fits without having to pay for data you won’t need.

Users who rent a global MiFi hotspot from TravelCell can customize their data plans to fit their itinerary and amount of data required; all for an affordable rate. Keep all of your devices connected to one global MiFi hotspot from TravelCell.

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