Why Rent a phone for Israel

Travelers to Israel can be made to pay expensive fees for cell phone service through the standard carrier rates. Instead, rent from TravelCell and save with one of our many options designed to give you the most control over your travel habits and cell phone needs.

Using a cell phone through a US based cell phone carrier is the most expensive option for anyone traveling to Israel. Calls and data can reach a level that rivals any other expense of travel. With an Israel Cell Phone rented from TravelCell, you can choose what type of phone you will need and customize your package to take advantage of the specific ways you plan to visit Israel.

For travelers who plan to visit Israel once or a traveler who travels to Israel frequently, TravelCell has an option that will fit your needs and budget. Whether you plan to use your cell phone a lot or a little, there is a package made just for you. Israel Phone Rental option from TravelCell gives you complete selection of mobile devices.

Travelers can choose among wide variety of mobile devices including iPhones, BlackBerry, iPads, or MiFi hotspots. Daily rentals and weekly rentals are available with daily rentals for Israel cell phones starting as low as $10 per day. The data packages are also affordable and easy to tailor. Choose a budget plan for light usage and only pay .69 cents per day. The Budget Plan offers free incoming calls and SMS.
Renters who choose the Light User Plan can rent for only $19.99 per week. The weekly rental includes free incoming calls and SMS and 100 free outgoing minutes.

Medium User Plans offer more data and calling for a low $44.99 per week rental charge. 250 free outgoing minutes and free incoming SMS and calls are part of the Medium User Plan that will save travelers to Israel money.

The Unlimited Israel Cell Phone rental Plans start as low as $5.99 per day and provide unlimited SMS and calls without any additional charge. Travelers to Israel who choose one of the Unlimited Plans will also be secured with Insurance through TravelCell.

Don’t toil through the list of options from the US based cell phone carriers – each choice more expensive than the last. Choose TravelCell for your Israel cell phone rental and data needs and save while you travel.

For more information or speak with a TravelCell representative call 877-cell-phone (877-235-5746) or email sales@travelcell.com or visit our website http://www.travelcell.com

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