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Welcome to TravelCell, the premier global cellular phone rental company. Our goal is to provide travelers with the convenience and advantages of a cellular phone, no matter where in the world they are. At a time when telecommunications are so important, we give our customers the best in service, and at the best rates.

TravelCell began in November of 1995, when our company president traveled using a rented cellphone, and was shocked when he saw the bill. Realizing that there was a need for an affordable quality global cellphone rental service at low rates, TravelCell was started with the determination to offer the best services at the lowest rates in the industry.

TravelCell has become the premiere global satellite and cellphone rental solutions provider, serving thousands of corporate, government, cruise and leisure travelers worldwide. Since its inception, TravelCell has continued to grow and expand its services. We now have many thousands of phones out at almost any time in over 150 countries worldwide.

Why not join our roster of satisfied clients, among them Fortune 500 corporations, business, entertainment and political world leaders.

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