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Welcome Lev Hotel Customers


Stay Connected Worldwide with TravelCell!
Lev Hotels has partnered with TravelCell to offer you the best in global communications. TravelCell is the industry leader in global wireless & data rental solutions. With over 12 years experience providing great service, cost effective solutions, and discounted rates, TravelCell is your best choice for global cellular communications.
Special: Rent 1 Phone Get 1 Free*
                                                              Promo Code: Lev2for1
With TravelCell you receive the following Advantages:
·        Free incoming calls in many countries including Israel  
·        Bluetooth & camera phones
·        Toll free service & local U.S. numbers available
·        Receive phone and number prior to departure
·        Low rates & great service
·        Corporate & group discounts
·        Nationwide delivery
·        Monthly online billing
·        24/6 customer support
Our Products:
·        International cell phone rentals
·        Satellite phone rentals
·        Blackberry rentals
·        SIM card rentals
·        Data SIM card rentals (iphone, ipad or blackberry)
·        USB Air-cards for laptops
·        GPS Rentals
·        MiFi – Personal Hotspot
Order Today!When placing an order, mention Lev Hotels code (YYNY) to receive your discount. 
For more information call us anytime at 877-CELL PHONE (877-235-5746) or email


*Basic Plan Only 

The TravelCell Advantage

Phone number provided prior to departure
Discount rates and excellent service
Clear, itemized bill
Satellite or Cellular Phones
Latest model phones
Cellphone rentals available for over 150 countries

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