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Avviso Travel Cellphone Rentals

 Avviso Travel has partnered with TravelCell, a premier international wireless solutions provider, to provide you with the best in cellular and data communications for your trip overseas.

With TravelCell, you''ll receive free incoming calls in many of the world''s most poular travel destinations, with outgoing calls as low as just 19 cents per minute! And, with TravelCell''s Satellite phones, Blackberry, wireless aircard, and MiFi devices, you''ll be able to get the unlimited data you need - anywhere. 

For more information, call Avviso Travel today, or click on the link below!

The TravelCell Advantage

Phone number provided prior to departure
Discount rates and excellent service
Clear, itemized bill
Satellite or Cellular Phones
Latest model phones
Cellphone rentals available for over 150 countries

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