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Ireland Student Cell Phone Rental

Plan on studying in Ireland?

Now you can have your own cell phone!
Call home, call friends, anytime you want - even on trips around town. No more waiting in long lines at the school pay phone, no more busy signals - be reached anytime, anywhere.

Student specials include free voicemail & Caller ID, and an itemized bill via email (bill via U.S. mail: $2.00). Your phone will arrive fully-charged, with a long-life Battery, leather Case and Belt Clip.

Rental & calling rates

Ireland Rental Rates
Long-term Rental (min 3 months)Contact us for group specials.Call discount is taken off rate shown on the right.
Monthly Rental
per additional day
Optional Insurance per day
Discount on Call Charges

Short-term Rental (min 4 weeks)
Daily Rental
Optional Insurance per day
Discount on Call Charges
Ireland Call Charges Per Minute
Incoming calls
Outgoing calls
All Text Messages