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Our corporate program allows you to remain connected with your clients, employees, and business associates while you’re abroad. TravelCell offers business travelers corporate discounts and options including: discounted rates and rental fees, in-stock phones, special business group travel rates, permanent overseas number, and free incoming calls in many popular travel destinations.

Register your company with TravelCell and enjoy the benefits of a global cell phone at discounted rates. As a TravelCell registered corporate account holder, you will join hundreds of businesses and corporations nationwide who currently stay connected through our services.

In today’s troubled times, the importance of global communications is on everyone’s mind. TravelCell gives you safety, security and peace of mind and the convenience of an international cellular phone. TravelCell is the solution for your global communications!

  • First cell phone rental - 5% off

  • Up to 15% off rental fees and airtime minutes

  • In-stock phones

  • Personal & dedicated sales representative

  • Priority service

  • No obligation or minimum usage

  • May be used for business or personal trips

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